Unitron a/s is operation worldwide.


Unitron a/s is a Danish company with more than 30 years of experience with products to farmers especially in the pig industry. Unitron a/s takes pride in knowing that the products turns into greater value with the right management. That is why Unitron a/s can offer the assistance of our professional farm suppliers to incorporate the right management according to the purchased products.

The product program consists of selected quality products, recommend by us and to meet the demands in modern livestock – also bovine and poultry.

For more than 30 years we served and instructed pig breeders in use of Artificial Insemination ( A.I. )  on farm, and in doing that we have achieved a considerable expertise in the reproduction process in livestock.


The Danish industry, with its long history of involvement in pig production can rightly claim to be at the cutting edge of world pig technology. As a Danish company, our main partners in the

evolution of A.I. techniques are, of course, Danish breeders and boar stations and together with them, we have developed considerable knowledge which we have been happy to share

with our many customers across the world.


Our A.I. advisers in countries such as all EU countries, Cyprus, Australia, Canada, USA, Russian, Ukraine, Romania, Czech, and many others countries have disseminated this knowledge to a wide section of the pig farming community both in the classroom an co-farm.


We always remember – piglets are gold…


The more the merrier – and how is it you make sure happens! It is obvious that insemination plays a vital part in this – and although the same goes for a numbers of other factors, which play

their part, this is the key one!


Reproduction . the right strategy during heat – the right breeding material – the right equipment and the right management is crucial when it comes to achieving a satisfactory results.

At Unitron we are with you all the way. We are not just a supplier of equipment – we want to be a responsible liaison and we place our  experience at your disposal whenever it is needed.


At Unitron we like to meet the grows of new born pigs potential to give the farmers the best potential earning for the future, this are the reason for the new product “ Unifeeder “

Unitron devolvement are always based on optimizing of pig production – we work with the most important suppliers and universities around the world, to

optimize and be your partner in pig production around the world.


Unitron has specialized in making innovative products to the pig industry and makes a great difference to especially service and farrowing units with the following products:

  • Stimulus
  • Unitron Deep InPig catheter for PCA
  • UniFeeder


Service unit:

  • Equipment for AI (Artificial Insemination)
  • Stimulus assists the farmer in heat confirmation and stimulation to save man power during service.
  • Unitron Deep InPig catheter PCA (Post Cervical Artificial insemination)

UniFeeder in the farrowing unit

  • UniFeeder is feeding suckling piglets
  • UniPrefer is the oral iron and training feed used day 2-9
  • Unifeed is used day 10 until weaning


UniFeeder is patent pending.

The expected gain is average 500 g weaning weight and 0,48 more piglets pr. weaning.


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